Our Vision, Mission & Objectives

Our Vision

A country without poverty and discrimination in which every person can exercise her/his right to a life with dignity and proper livelihood through comprehensive sustainable development.

Our Mission

To work together with GO/NGO and INGO for the less privileged and marginalized people to improve their livelihood standard up to reasonable percentage in terms of poverty, education, gender, environment, health care, basic human, disability and children right to concern.


Simplicity, Honesty, Accountability & Belongingness

To improve the Socio economic & livelihood conditions of the underprivileged, Person with disabilities and marginalized vulnerable people of the societies.
To create capacity/skill of the poor and vulnerable women belonged to lagged societies for economic emancipation.
To ensure child rights irrespective of race, religion, culture and identity.
To end violence against women with an aim to promoting gender equality and facilitate social Justice.
To protect environment and Eco system.
Empower people with Human rights and Good governess.
Create opportunity of education & health care for the less privileged children and women.
To educate less privileged poor children and create interest towards education.
To create awareness and sensitize people and service providers against exploitation, injustice and corruption.
Work to prevent human trafficking & Encourage Safe Migration.
Ensure Climate resilience development and adaptation.
Humanitarian Response to Disaster prone Area/Community/Refugee.
Initiatives to prevent Gender base violence and women empowerment.
Advocacy For Social Cohesion among Different Community to attain peace

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